Solve Air is an international leader in air purification technologies and a purveyor of choice for a discerning global clientele. The company boasts a sophisticated and talented leadership team composed of graduates from the top American universities with deep industry knowledge and experience in global markets.

Solve Air’s products and parts incorporate cutting-edge, proprietary technologies including: nanotechnologies, patented PCO photocatalytic oxidation,  multiple filters, ESP Solve Air Cell, plasma generators, and other microorganism eradication technologies.

Solve Air holds and operates its factories as well as design showrooms and retail outlets, making it a vertically integrated organization–a rare exception in the industry. The company’s factories are state-of -the-art facilities, constantly evaluated for efficiency, quality,  and sustainability and staffed by skilled technicians. Solve Air distributes its premium products across a global network offering a peerless caliber of design,  manufacturing, and customer service. These capabilities are well respected in the industry and have garnered Solve Air global awards and honors.