Tips to deal with “Air conditioning disease”

PublishTime: 2019-07-29 19:36:03

Nowadays in summer, people face a dilemma: Should we bear the unbearable high temperature or enjoy the coolness while suffering the risk of “Air conditioning disease”?


“Air conditioning disease”, not a new concept any more, refers to a certain amount of discomforts because of long-term stay in air-conditioning spaces. As these spaces are relatively unventilated, pathogenic microorganism multiplies quickly. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference also adds to a series of physical symptoms, such as snuffles, dizziness, sternutation, tinnitus, weakness, forgetfulness and arthralgia, some even have skin-related problems, such as skin irritation, allergy and pachylosis. These symptoms above are all “Air conditioning diseases”.


In summer, many families keep air conditions working for quite a long time, and air quality has become a major threat to our health. In an unventilated space, tiny floating particles, mixed air and impurities makes it easy for bacteria and viruses to breed. These harmful substances are the cause of physical discomforts, especially respiratory diseases.


The water that help air conditions work can adhere to some particles and form aerosol, which conveys and spreads bacteria and particles through air circulation in the air hose. These bacteria and particles can precipitate and stick to the components of your air condition, which causes secondary pollution.


As the indoor air is uncirculated, pollutants stay indoors, and air quality suffers. An air purifier is a perfect partner with your air condition, which helps you stay away from the heat as well as “Air conditioning diseases”.