Q:What are the advantages of your machines compared to other companies' ones?

A: Firstly, our company has been working hard on innovation, on top of this, our internal researchers having obtained dozens of patents enjoy good cooperation relations with some well-known universities such as Columbia and USTC and enterprises at home and abroad. Once new technologies and new materials have been developed, we will introduce for further test confirmation and apply them to our products once confirmed, so as to provide our customers with the most advanced products. Secondly, the company persevere in the tenet of “reputation-based, quality first” and strictly observes production quality. Machine withstands time test well, is one of the most reliable products; Thirdly, the company adheres to the principle of "minimal profit but maximal sales, everyone can afford", and we are very competitive in pricing."

Q:How is your machine's safety, energy saving as well as RHOS ? 

A: Our machine has passed the national CQC standard and ISO9001 certification. Even so, each machine has to be strictly inspected before shipping to customer.  The energy-saving aspect adopts the intelligent control system and EC motor, automatically adjusts motor running speed according to air quality so as to maximize energy savings while ensuring excellent air purification.

Q:How about post sales service?

A: Our post sales service dept. can assist you with any of your questions and problems 24/7 if you call us at +86-400-166-9199 or send question through www.solveairpurifier.com

Q:Where and how to purchase new filters once old ones have worked for a year?

A: They can be ordered by visiting our website www.solveairpurifier.com or calling +86-400-166-9199.

Q:Can customers purchase new filters from other companies instead other than from Solve Air company?

A: To ensure filtering quality, Solve Air's filters are strongly recommended, otherwise, filtering effect is not guaranteed. 

Q:Is your machine's maintenance difficult

A: No, simply follow instructions in Buyer's Manual. 

Q:How to get machines repaired if needed?

A: For frequently asked questions, please refer to "User Manual" for answers. If parts need to be replaced, please visit our websit www.solveairpurifier.com or contact us through phone at +86-400 166-9199.