Family Air Purifier
Family Air Purifier
Family Air Purifier
Family Air Purifier
Family Air Purifier
Family Air Purifier
Family Air Purifier
Family Air Purifier

Family Air Purifier

Product Description

Model                           :           KJFSA04-355G/KJFSA04-355

Voltage/Frequency       :           220/50 V/Hz

Power                            :           42 W

Air Purification Rate      :          355 /hr

Weight                         :         8.5 Kg

Noise                            :        < 50 dB

Room Size                    :        60



KJFSA04-355 Series

Suited for hospitals,  newly renovated spaces,  families,  office,  schools and pre-schools,  entertainment venues,  and shopping centers.


High-Efficiency Purification

HEPA filters are a globally recognized type of high-efficiency filters. Originally used as protection for nuclear scientists,  HEPA filters are now broadly used in high-tech laboratories,  pharmaceutical productions,  operation rooms,  and other facilities where cleanliness is key. HEPA filters are made with microscopic fibers and can capture and remove extremely small particles — up to 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles. When used to purify cigarette smoke,  the purification rate is as high as 100%,  because cigarette particles measure 0.3 to 2.5 microns in size and cannot pass the HEPA filter. When unfolded, Solve Air’s high-efficiency HEPA filtration system is 14.5 times the size of average HEPA filters. Solve Air is the ideal choice to achieve ultra purified air.Filtration rate of up to 98.9% for PM 2.5 particles,  99.88% for E.coli bacteria, 99.97% of S. aureus bacteria.



1. Superior air purification rates Powerful air intake speeds and world-class filtration system (pre-filter,  honeycomb activated-carbon filter,  HEPA filter) for superior purification.

2. High-efficiency for energy savings Operation at 355 m3/hr uses only 42 W of power.

3. Air quality indicator light Sophisticated sensors monitor air quality in real time.

4. Automated operating system Manual,  automatic,  and sleep modes for a personalized experience.

5. Three-speed operation settings Low,  Medium,  High purification speeds to suit your unique needs.


Filter Performance

First: Pre-filter

Removes dust,  pet hairs,  and other large airborne particles.

Second:Multi-function Filtration System

Quickly dissolves formaldehyde,  benzene,  and harmful pollutants and removes microorganisms and viruses.

Third: honeycomb activated-carbon filter

Effectively removes odors and harmful pollutants,  such as formaldehyde,  benzene,  ammonia,  and TVOCs.

Fourth: HEPA Filter

Effectively removes up to 99.9% of particles over 0.3 microns including cigarette smoke and pollen

Only Ultra-High Speed Filtration Can Clean Every Corner.

After Operation, Fresh,  Clean Air in Only 10 Minutes.