Are You Willing to Pay for Imported Clean Air

PublishTime: 2019-06-10 19:21:29

Faced with seriously hazed air, are you willing to pay for unpolluted air and take a deep breath?


Recently, bottled fresh air has been found on shopping websites, costing several to dozens of dollars. It seems ridiculous that there're really people spending just breathing, while others just see it as a marketing plot to catch public attention.


 “There haven't been effective measures to supervise the sales of imported air, as it's difficult to detect its facticity and effectiveness”, as an expert from the State Environmental Protection Administration said, “Even if it's effective, it's  a lot far from our aim to improve our health. In general, it's  not reliable to buy imported air for daily breathing.”


There're alternatives to fight against air pollution, for example, you can use an air purifier, which helps to clean the indoor air and improve your living quality. there're dozens of air purifiers in the market, which vary in their working principles and operating approaches. It's highly advisable to choose one with high filtration efficiency, large clogging capacity and long service life. In addition, some products are equipped with additional functions like intelligent sensors and heating, which might be taken into your consideration. As air purifiers are generally low in electricity consumption, you don't have to worry about its use cost.